Style Kamayah Contest

Enter The “Style Kamayah Contest” And Win $1,000!

To win $1000, all you have to do is:

1. Purchase Kamayah Doll on

2. Use a variety of her fancy clothes, sexy shoes, human hair flawless wigs, and accessories (which were designed specifically for her) to style Kamayah your way!

3. Display her in a way that compliments her style (pose, background scene, activity, etc). Remember to be creative. This is a competition, and may the best designer win.

4. Take flattering pictures or a video (up to 30 seconds long)

5. Upload your pictures or video, complete a contest entry form, share the contest publicly to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #StyleKamayahContest for a chance to win $1000! Each share will be a “vote.” Once the pic is originally shared from your social media accounts using the hashtag #StyleKamayahContest, your social media username will travel with your hashtagged pic when it is shared, or voted for (every share is a vote), and our tracking technology will help us determine the winner of the picture with the most votes that used the hashtag #StyleKamayahContest. We can only track publicly shared posts, so be sure to encourage others to share your post publicly. Remember to tag all your friends in your post in hopes that they may support you by sharing it, which is also voting for you. The winner will be announced on our website and our social media pages on the same day that a winner is determined. Also, please use our signup form on the contest page to provide your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram usernames, and an email to contact you directly (privately) if you are the winner. We will never share your private information. Your privacy is very important to us.

Please Check Back.

Style Kamayah Contest is coming soon!